Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gorgeous week

Just a quick post - my afternoon runs this week over the last three days:

Monday - 56 degrees
Tuesday - 60 degrees
Wednesday - 55 degrees

This is some pretty spectacular weather for the month of March in Minnesota. Running has been absolutely wonderful this week.

Yours truly, enjoying this afternoon's run immensely

Saw a new bird today as well - the song sparrow. These little guys love nesting around my local lake, and they are usually some of the first spring birds to arrive and are some of the last to leave. I look forward to seeing them on my runs all the way through the fall.

Also, I am fairly certain it was a pair of mourning cloak butterflies that cruised past my office window today. I was not able to confirm it as they disappeared rather quickly. However, this is the time of year they start showing up, and I am not sure what else they would have been.

So glad spring is here!

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