Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday 15

I woke up to a cool 21 degree morning. The rain originally predicted for today stayed away, and it only starting to enter the metro this evening as I type. So I was treated to a pleasant and sunny morning.

Today's run was little over 15 miles at a relatively easy pace. Some of the trails had icy spots from the overnight freeze, so I had to tiptoe through those areas. They were few and far between, however.

This morning I ran my southern route, a route I had not run since training for Des Moines last fall. I like to run this way for my longer runs so I don't have to do loops around the neighborhood. It takes me down an honest to goodness dirt road that still exists in the suburbs, through a wooded area, back through a park, and eventually around my lake. Depending on how I mix it up, I can do anywhere between 13 and 21 miles without running the same path twice.

Somewhere near mile 11, with minimal frost buildup on the beard... :)

Birds were active this morning. Red-bellied woodpeckers seem to have come out of the woodwork. They are everywhere, which is strange since I don't see them much in the winter. Yet, they are non-migratory and really don't go anywhere. Perhaps they are just more talkative now so I am noticing them? Blue jays were also making all kinds of crazy sounds. And I saw some Canada geese overhead, so they are making their way back.

And, aside from a small block of ice, most of my Gatorade stayed in liquid form for the entire run. This, too, signifies a change of seasons. :)

Tonight's dinner - a hot and spicy Thai-inspired chicken stir-fry. Chicken and veggies with red chile flakes, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chile-garlic sauce, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, roasted chile paste, white wine, and fresh basil. I had a perhaps a scant two cups of black sweet Thai rice on hand, so I used the last of it (this is the most beautiful rice in the world, by the way - even if it does stain your rice cooker and just about everything it comes into contact with). Yum! A great meal to refuel with after my morning run.

Spicy and colorful!

I also baked some cool bread this afternoon, but I will save that for another post!

Until next time,

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