Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Gorgeous day today - 75 and sunny, with a decent breeze. March was snowless here in the Twin Cities, which is rare. And March came in, and is going out, like a lamb.

Tonight's 5 mile run was nice. It is fun to break out the summer running gear again. One new bird arrival to report - the eastern phoebe. She was busy characteristically flipping her little tail while sitting in a small tree. We had a big south wind yesterday, so I am expecting that should push more birds up here!

A funny thing happened as I was heading home. I always pass this assisted living apartment complex. Today being nice outside, there were several folks out and about. Two elderly ladies were sitting out at the picnic table on the lawn, and they were chain smoking.

As I passed on by, one of the ladies expelled a huge plume of smoke. In a voice resembling that of Selma Bouvier from "The Simpson's," she shouted:

"Run for me too, will ya?"

Fair Juliet took another huge drag off of her Pall Mall as I chuckled and just kept on running. That is right - I was heckled by a senior citizen! She was just being funny, of course, but it would be fun to have her e-mail so I could send her the following video... ;-)

Until next time,

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