Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunny days, lasagna, and chips

Sunny Days

On Sunday, I took a walk around my neighborhood. The sun was shining for the first time in nearly a week, and the temperature rose to 64 degrees. Gorgeous!

Flooding has been a concern in many areas of Minnesota due to the sheer amount of snow we received over the winter, coupled with the rapid melting in recent weeks. The creek that flows into my local lake is well over its banks. Nobody's home is in danger here, which is good, but this is still quite a sight. The ice you see in the picture is the actual creek and depicts its normal width.

Water, water, everywhere

I also encountered a popple tree that is starting to bud. Quite a sight to see in the middle of March! Spring seems to be arriving early this year, which is fine by me. It makes me wonder if I will be seeing some early arriving migratory birds soon.

Buds breaking on the trees

What fun to be able to spend some time outside without having to bundle up. And weather like this makes all of us in the upper Midwest a little goofy, too. I can't tell you how many complete strangers greeted me with an enthusiastic "Hello!" or "What a day, huh?" It is nice to live in that kind of world. However, it is a striking difference from the middle of winter when everyone is hunched over and nobody you encounter outside wants to talk!

Today's run - an easy 5 miles, 59 degrees, sunshine, and a nice breeze. Sweet.


Sunday I also made lasagna. OK, so it was not traditional. Diced chicken, homemade guajillo chile sauce, sour cream, Monterrey jack, sharp cheddar, and cojita cheeses, with lasagna noodles - sort of a chicken enchilada dish in the style of lasagna! The green stuff is a rather spicy serrano pepper salsa. It was good. Really good.

Chicken Enchilada Lasagna!


Some time ago I wrote about a new Doritos chip. It was this new "Late Night" series of chips called "Tacos at Midnight." They were good. Doritos managed to capture the nuances of a fast food taco, right down to the lettuce, all the while conjuring up images of late night college exploits that occasionally ended with taco subs or chili-cheese nachos at a gas station.

At the grocery store this weekend, I noticed they added a new flavor to the lineup - "All Nighter Cheeseburger," which brought back additional memories of trying to get to McDonald's before it closed for a completely necessary evening snack consisting of the #2 cheeseburger value meal. The brain says, "No, no! No, no!", but the stomach says "Yes! Yes! Oh, baby, yes!" Everything about it just seems so unbelievably wrong on a multitude of levels.

Absolutely, I bought a bag.

Until next time,

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