Saturday, April 10, 2010

19 on a pretty day

Sunrise over Fish Lake on Saturday morning

Gorgeous day down here on Saturday. 44 degrees when I woke up. I ran 19 miles today. It was a decent run - better than last weekend's 16 miler, anyhow! Just a nice, steady pace. Skies were slightly overcast, and breezes were gentle, making for ideal running conditions. A lot of fun to run today.

I was treated to symphony of bird songs. The woods was positively alive today. Lots of leaves are popping out and hints of green are showing up everywhere. Also, the Dutchman's breeches are in full bloom on the forest floor. By my assessment, they are 2 1/2 weeks earlier than last year. It is really getting beautiful down here.

Getting green along the trails

Dutchman's breeches - some of the first wildflowers of the season

New bird arrivals this week:

On Wednesday, I noticed the tree swallows and northern flickers were back in my neighborhood. I also found a pied-billed grebe swimming in a local pond

Today I saw my first osprey of the season. He took flight as I rounded the corner along the edge of a lake. I also saw a pair of Coopers hawks. And, a couple of eastern bluebirds were busy selecting a home in the meadow.

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