Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I like Minnesota in the springtime

What a spectacular week. Running has been excellent, with pleasant, dry days in the high 60's and low 70's. Just delightful. And the warmer days have caused the vegetation to explode. Lots of wildflowers are emerging, and the flowering trees are starting to blossom. It is looking gorgeous around here.

Spotted a few new birds this week, all on Sunday. I was very happy to see the warblers have started to return. I found numerous yellow-rumped "Myrtle" warblers, and located a solitary palm warbler. These two species are usually amongst the first of the warblers to arrive, so they were right on cue. I also discovered a few blue-winged teal on one of the lakes, field sparrows (in a field, appropriately enough), and encountered a very chatty brown thrasher. It is so great to see the spring migrants moving through.

Forget Paris. I will gladly take Minnesota in the springtime any day! :) A few images from this week:

Leaves filling in nicely along the trails

This happy cardinal was singing from the treetops

A blossoming apple tree

A closeup of the apple blossoms

The yellow-rumped warblers (a.k.a., "Myrtle" or "Butterbutt") have arrived

Blue-winged teal floating on the lake

A flowering crab apple tree outside of my place - these are blossoming at least a couple of weeks earlier than normal

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